Saturday 27 February 2010

The "Odious New Labour Machine" cannot hold. It's now every man for themselves. "Abandon Ship" is the cry !

I do wish the the rag Daily Mail would find an alternative word to "odious" to use when describing the British National Party.

Granted, a year or so ago it was a good word to use to describe someone or something "odious" but I just feel it is past its sell by date now.

Besides, the BNP is not "odious" it is "Heroic." No other political party speaks out on your behalf !

Meanwhile, you can imagine my cheer when I saw the headlines over on one of the communist Unity Shite sites.

"Desperate Labour MPs crawl into BNP Gutter."

Nothing better than watching the reds fight among themselves. And they do.

They are a bit like moslems in that respect who are also quite happy to rip each other to bits when the mood takes them.

Well no point in linking to the shite site story, because as usual there is nothing "original" there, just another cut n paste of an article written by one their NUJ friends in the Main Stream (Traitor) Media.

What an explosive story it is and I can understand why the cretins on the red shite sites are upset with the Labour MPs mentioned in the article, because it shows just what cowardly and repugnant hypocrites the Labour MPs are when they talk about their worries over mass colonisation of Our Country.

Remember it was these same Labour MPs who were instrumental in Labour's calculated and deliberate plan to create a multicultural Britain through mass immigration regardless of the wishes of the true owners of Our Country.

Dozens of these letters from sitting Labour MPs have been passed to the Daily Mail - and the authors all have one thing in common.

They are fighting for their political lives because of the threat posed by the odious,(I prefer heroic) far-Right British National Party.

They include Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary and key ally of Gordon Brown, and Margaret Hodge, the Culture Minister who is fighting a seat in the East End of London.

Now, worried that they are about to lose their places at the public trough of money, the Labour Pigs of Parliament are attempting to distance themselves from the government (that some of them are ministers in) and using language that would get any BNP member who wrote such words locked up for life they are now speaking out against mass immigration.

Ed Balls - Schools Secretary Mr Balls wrote: 'I want to have a conversation with you about immigration. What we really need is proper discussion about the difficulties and benefits that immigration can bring to our country.''I want you to help me keep the pressure up on the Government in relation to reforming and updating our immigration and citizenship rules and laws.'' Do you support updating our immigration laws so that: migrants who want to settle here must speak English? A probationary period should be passed before they are able to claim state benefits?

Margaret Hodge - Culture Minister Yet in a two-page letter to constituents, Mrs Hodge paints herself as being tough on immigration, saying that it can be 'very unsettling' for 'predominantly white' and 'traditional East End families'.She adds: 'I respect your concerns about the pace of change. It is wrong for others to dismiss these out of hand and rest assured that you do have my support on this.'

Mary Creagh - Government Whip in an echo of Mr Brown's doomed slogan 'British jobs for British workers', Ms Creagh asks her constituents whether: 'Jobs should be advertised first to people in Wakefield before being opened up to overseas workers' - a statement that would almost certainly fall foul of race relations legislation.

Gisela Stuart - former health minister.She carried out a recent survey which invited responses to the proposition: 'Migrants should have to pay into a fund to support communities experiencing significant change as a result of immigration.'

Tom Watson MP declared: 'Most people told me that they were concerned about the level of immigration. More surveys were returned than on any other subject I have asked you about in the past.'There is a great deal of worry about the pressure on schools, doctors' surgeries and housing allocations.

"The foul , lying , odious and treacherous Left cannot hold."

It is now every Labour MP for his or herself as they forget their party loyalty and fight for their own personal survival.

"Rats trying to leave a sinking ship who have left it too late because they are going down with it."

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Anonymous said...

The labour Party is sinking fast especially in Aberavon.

A lot of people that I speak to will be voting BNP come this election who have never done so before.

Good Luck to you.

You might be quietly surprised at home many votes you get.


Anonymous said...

Interesting story today in the Daily Star that the Labour Party is being taken over by muslims in preparation for Britain becoming an Islamic State.

Help !

Vote BNP