Thursday 5 June 2014

RIP Helen Hulse - A Very Special Person.

It is with a great deal of sadness and a heavy heart that on behalf of the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign" I have to inform you that earlier this afternoon Mrs Helen Hulse who has been with Linda from the very beginning of her fight passed away peacefully at home after a short battle with cancer.

As a group our deepest sympathies go out to Bevan , Daniel, Huw and the rest of Helens family.  
Helen was an inspiration to us all, especially Linda who looked upon Helen as a sister and a constant channel of support.
Helen was a very special person as many of the people involved in Linda's fight for justice are but what made Helen exceptional was that Helen was actually Linda's daughters Schoolteacher.
Seventeen years ago Helen knocked on Linda's door to ask how her daughter was.
For seventeen years she and her husband Bevan have been at Linda and the families side , offering support , writing letters , travelling the country and doing everything that they possibly could to right this very serious wrong.
Let's not forget that as Linda's daughters Schoolteacher she would have been the first to recognise any family problem or problems that the child might have been having outside of school.
There were none and she recognised that there was a genuine illness and supported the families efforts to get  the child fit and well again.
This is obviously in total contrast to lies and lunacy that was being spewed out by Members of the Welsh Assembly Government, Certain Doctors and Social Services.
Helen was also a very brave woman.
At the time when many were burying their heads in the sand and refusing to get involved in Linda's case for fear of reprisals or losing their jobs Helen stood firm despite many threats, always at Linda's side.
Never once did Helen waiver.
RIP Helen Hulse - A Very Special Person - Always In Our Hearts.


Unknown said...

What a shame a fighter and genuine but her work goes on and so does truth rest well sister see toy soon

Karen Lloyd said...

A truly remarkable woman.

God Bless

Marva said...

May she rest in peace.So glad she was there to support Linda true friends are remarkable.

Anonymous said...

Sad news but keep going.

We all know you will get there soon.


John Richard Jones said...

Some of the most dedicated and genuine of people suffer health problems like Helen has.

Helen knew the facts and stood by Linda against the lies and deceit exercised by the authorities and ones directly involved in this conspiracy against Linda.

Helen is an individual who will be greatly missed.

May she rest in peace.

Richard and Johanna :( said...

As Kevin has made this clear, this Lady, Helen was a genuine campaigner and as you say, never wavering from the fear of of loosing even her job. Yes the horrendous brood of individuals put the pressure on this wonderful woman, but she knew that truth and justice would be more paramount than her own comforts of a steady income. Yes unwavering friendship and support to the family. We were honoured to know and sat along side in the courts with her supporting Linda. She was fearless in speaking out when appropriate.. what a kind and warm person we will miss her. Our love and thoughts are with Bevan, another person that is deserving of our support at this heavy hr. Helen, Missed but never forgotten!

Chris said...

Very sorry to hear of Helen's passing.

I spoke to Linda a few days ago and she told me what an amazing woman Helen was, and how much her support had meant to her.

Rest In Peace

Wayne Morris said...

Friends like that are real friends which makes them few and far between.

Maggie said...

We will all fight on and Helen will know she did not leave this planet for nothing she left an army.

Anonymous said...

Really sorry for your loss Mrs Hulse sounded like a wonderful person.


Anonymous said...

Sound's like an amazing Women
God Bless her.

Anonymous said...


Helen was a truthful kind caring and a loving person,who alway's fought Injustices.

This is one lady we all know has gone to heaven.

God bless

Anonymous said...

RIP - evidently an honourable public servant who was paid by the public and worked for the public and for the good of the public.

what a contrast with the useless AM's social workers, First ministers lawyers etc .... - [fill in your own]- paid for by the public but who equate working for the public good to covering up the misdeeds and abuses by the public sector.

Anonymous said...

Helen was an inspiration to all that knew her The gates of heaven will be wide open for helen

God will take care of Helen

Anonymous said...

SStephen Jones

What a remarkable lady
She deserves Award in her name

Rest in Peace

Unknown said...

Thank you for all the kind comments. For Helens sake don't give up and the fight for justice must go on!

Many Thanks

From Huw (Helens very proud Brother)

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear about Helen

I met Helen twice with Linda

She was a lovely Caring Women


Simon Taylor said...

Simon Taylor

Helen was a genuine Lady gone but never forgotten.

Feel so proud to have known Helen

Sadly won't be able to attend Helen's funeral live to far away.

Heartfelt sympathy to the Family.

David said...

Did'nt know about Helen until yesterday.

We need more people like Helen on this earth.

truly wonderful Women

Anonymous said...

Kind words by the Evening Post in memory of Helen.
Sadly I am blocked by EP from commenting as below on that story.
Halen y Ddaear!
A mighty "salt of the earth".
Helen was a remarkable and caring lady. A most respected retired teacher and a person that someone would be proud to have known. A one in a million. She was the rock that stood by Linda lewis and her daughter in their strife for justice.
Sadly missed and never forgotten.