Tuesday 24 June 2014

Interview With Freedom Talk Radio 23rd June 2014

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Anonymous said...

There is a new campaign I believe starting called " Boycott Labour " due to their support of paedophilia.

Though it might interest you Kev.


Marilyn Bowen said...

Brilliant young man.


Anonymous said...

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

Carwyn Jones is finished

Anonymous said...

Excellent Kevin these people need to be exposed.

There are good PM and AM you just haven't found them yet?

Not! all people in government are corrupt.


Anonymous said...

Lynn Taylor

One can only admire your Courage

This should be on every National Newspaper.
Such a bloody scandal.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment regarding Members Parliment all are not involved in coruption.
Good interview my friend.

Anonymous said...

Listening to you on radio So many of us complain about trivial things.

We need to start complaining more on the abuse of Children.


Freedom Of Speech Blog said...

Hi on thursday 24th of july 10am atthe south mimms service station meet andy from freedom talk radio who will with supporters blck the m25 motorway or a a road with in herts area.

we are calling for a public enquiry into child stealing trafficking on the same day at 1500 hours meet us in soho square for a look at what the area westminister is doing to stop peadofiles roaming the streets in the rich and famous world for children in the uk please attend kevin can give you my email for further details god bless linda lewis at the campaign

Unknown said...

Brilliant show guys fully truthful and wholly informative all good stuff and was glad to briefly partake .

Anonymous said...

Brilliant point.

Why is David Michael still working for the Council ?

Anonymous said...

Well said.

You could hardly invent a more graphic example of the utter indifference of our rulers to the welfare of our own people than the ritual kidnapping and abuse of our own children.

We are ruled by people with personality disorders , sick to bone.

They need to be strung up

Anonymous said...

Such a huge Scandal

Anonymous said...

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones

Feel sorry for Wales

Anonymous said...

We all have a voice to use if we don't use our voice to speak out against the wrongdoingings in this Country.Then we should all feel just as guilty, has those who are doing wrong.

Well done for speaking out.

Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear there is progress being made.

Top Man

Anonymous said...

After listening to your Radio Interview.I believe it's over
the only problem you have is getting the people who have done those dreadful things to admit it.

Good Luck my Friend


Anonymous said...


What they have put this innocent Child through is evil beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Is there any accountability left in this Country.

everything seems to be falling apart.

Anonymous said...

PM David Cameron should be sorting this out.


It is now proven that NPTBCB is a criminal entity not fit for public service

It is now proven (as proven )in the courts that the transfer from it's rightful owners the Council Tax Payers to NPT Homes ( A corporation based on profit ) is illegal.

It is now proven that David Michael once gain has operated outside of the law as a criminal.

It is now proven and demanded that the assets of the ratepayer be returned to their rightful owner.

Anonymous said...

Truth is the Mother of Justice. Justice is the Protection of Rights and the Punishment of Wrongs. Freedom is Everyone's God-given Birthright. Democracy is the Sovereignty of the People.

Politicians and other misfits remember this

Anonymous said...

Listened to your interview totaly shocked I did not realize what is going on in this Country.

People need to listen to your interview especially parents with young Children.

Anonymous said...

In reading the interesting comments particularly the Labour Party's links to Paedophilia.
Google "Labour25" and the pandemic Labour Party paedophilia will astound you.
Not only that why will Peter Hain, Hywel Francis and Sian James sign the Child Abuse enquiry petition?
Then when Brian Gerrish came to South Wales to talk about the Bridgend Teenage Suicides and child abuse in the Principality.
Sian James MP and Council Leader David Phillips led a rent a mob of Labour supporters outside that evidently were in support of Labour's favourite pastime of paedophilia, child abuse and teenage suicides.
Otherwise why would Shian and David have brought their cohorts to their demo. Or could these people have suffered a Common Purpose mind reframing.