Friday 16 November 2012

Steven Messham is not just a child abuse victim. He’s a hero.

There is a war going on.

It’s a war played out in the media, on our televisions and on the internet - a war between information and disinformation, between truth and lies, between powerful establishment ‘fixers’ and ordinary citizens – but the casualties are real.

People have been hurt, people have even died, but some – bruised, tortured, battered to an unbelievable degree – have amazingly managed to survive.

Child abuse victim, Steven Messham is one of those who is still standing.


Because, as part of this war, last week, the Mail on Sunday did a hatchet job on Steven in an attempt to discredit him as a witness.

The article was almost entirely made up of spin, half-truths and downright lies. It was also written by a well-known establishment ‘fixer’ – David Rose – who was so confident that his attempt to discredit Steven would succeed he didn’t even bother to write under a pseudonym – despite the fact he must have known some of us would recognise his name.

See this previous article for more information about Rose:

Child abuse scandal can of worms – just who is Daily Mail reporter David Rose?

The Mail is powerful. The members of the establishment who are paying people like David Rose to ‘fix’ things for them are also powerful.

In fact, for centuries these people have been so powerful they have always managed to cover-up their own wrongdoings, because the means of information and disinformation has always been in their hands – the television, the newspapers, the politicians, the courts. So they always won.

Until now.

The power of the internet has changed everything and for once there is a real opportunity that truth can overcome the spin, the lies and the cover-ups, because for once – maybe for the first time ever – ordinary people now have the tools to fight back.

That’s why we have to show the ‘fixers’ they no longer have a free hand to spread disinformation at will. We have to show them that the world has changed by making sure the truth about Steven Messham is known.

Here it is.

There is absolutely no doubt that Steven Messham was abused and raped as a child. 

Two of the leaders of the children’s home he was in were convicted and jailed for abusing the children under their care there.

The convicted abusers also happened to be fellow golf club members and friends of a cousin of Lord McAlpine - Jimmie McAlpine –  who lived nearby and is most likely one of the ‘rich’ men Steven remembers abusing him.

Not surprisingly, Steven’s abuser didn’t introduce himself formally and give him his exact name while he was raping him.

The McAlpine family tree is fiendishly complicated and it was the police who wrongly gave Steven the name of Lord McAlpine in the abuse allegations.

See here for how similar the two men are.

But Steven’s suffering unfortunately didn’t even stop when he left the care home. He was also later wrongly accused of fraud – another obvious attempt by the establishment to shut him up – but he was completely cleared of all charges.

Indeed, if Steven had enough money of his own – I’m sure he would now be suing the Mail on Sunday and David Rose for libel for suggesting otherwise.

The truth is that Steven Messham is a remarkable man – a survivor who has taken on the might of the establishment and is still standing.

I take my hat off to him.

He’s a stronger man than I am – and a better man than all those seeking to blacken his name in order to preserve their comfortable status quo.

So if you have a blog, write about it – reblog this article if you don’t want to write it yourself – and if you’re on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ or whatever – share share share.

This time, let’s make sure we don’t allow the lies and the spin and the disinformation to win.
For more information on the disinformation campaign being waged to discredit child abuse investigations, see these excellent blogs:


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Anonymous said...

Notice how the press are now deliberately steering away from politicians and engineering malicious propaganda against the victims.
We need to keep our eye on the ball and not let the living paedophiles in parliament and other places of authority have the pressure taken off them.

Anonymous said...

And he is still being abused by journalists with an agenda to aid the cover up of instigated perversion and paedophilia.

Well said

Anonymous said...

Well done to Steven Messham

Stay Safe Steven

Anonymous said...

Mr Messham will soon have his day.

We all will