Saturday 24 November 2012

ATOS Declares Dead Man Fit for Work.

In a shocking lapse of judgement last week, an assessor from ATOS Origin placed James Wright, 62, in the ‘fit for work’ group mere moments after he had suffered a fatal stroke.

“It was a nightmare,” Rosemary, Mr. Wright’s widow, stated. “The doctor assessing James asked him to stand up, so he did before slumping into a squatting position. The doctor took one look at him and said, ‘I’m placing you in the Work Program.’

Then he got up and shook James’s shoulder, and when he fell over, said that he’d be back when James had finished his ‘play-acting.’ It was quite obvious that he was dead.

What’s worse is that I received a letter from the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) this morning informing me that James’s Job Seekers’ Allowance had been stopped because of his non-attendance at his work experience. I’d already informed them of his death the day after it happened!”

It seems to this reporter that ATOS assessors are so busy licking Tory boots that not only do they not notice when people are dying, they also don’t realize when people are actually dead.

Of course, Mrs. Wright is a retired State Enrolled Nurse, whereas ATOS assessors receive no medical training whatsoever.

Perhaps that’s why the man made such an egregious error.


Anonymous said...

When we as a people take back control of our country we will deal with the politicians and the twisted freaks who work for ATOS.

Len Thomas

Anonymous said...

All part of their plan to strip us of dignity and makes us feel like dirt.

Anonymous said...

Fight the cover up.

Ignore the smokescreens and stay focused.

Then we will Lawfully hang them

Sheogorath said...

The occurence detailed in the article hasn't happened yet, but with the way the ConDems are carrying on...