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" Conspiracy of Lies. " If they have nothing to hide why the Super Injunction and Gagging Orders ?

The following is a detailed summary of the "Conspiracy of Lies " perpetrated  by Doctors, Councillor's, Social Workers, The Police and Politicians which is taken from this  website

“Bonnie Lewis Kidnapped by the State."

Investigation into the scandalous abuse of a young girl by the Neath Port Talbot State Child Protection Machinery.
“For the record “Bonnie” is not the real name of this unfortunate child, now adult. The “Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign” do not want to subject her daughter to any to any further torture. We believe that Miss Lewis’s daughter has suffered enough torture already at the hands of people who should have been there to help and protect her.” 
As Social Services get power to section parents as mentally ill – why every parent in Britain should be fighting for the safety of their children and Family Courts that are open to the full Public scrutiny.

Sickin constant pain, and frightened after months of medical incompetence, 12 year old Bonnie Lewis was deliberately and deceitfully taken from her mother by Port Talbot Social Services.

Their aim?
Probably to meet government fostering and adoption targets, which reward Councils. And to help the NHS cover up medical blunders.
This true story is a wake-up call to every parent in UK.
Every child is now at risk of kidnappingby the State, as Social Services can manipulate the law with impunity.
Recent new draconian laws also give social workers powers to section parents who fight back as being mentally ill.

They can then be incarcerated indefinitely. Welcome to the Blair – Brown created UK Soviet.
Secret and corrupt courts, mental institutions and collusion between public authorities,NHS and police.
Kidnapped at gunpoint by police in Florida, the US authorities had in fact been duped’ by a conspiracy of lies concocted by Neath Port Talbot Social Services, Bonnie’s loving mother and grandfather looked on totally helpless as their daughter was taken into care in UK.

She never lived with them again.

SS officials used falsified evidence, unlawful passports, and operated in adeceitful collusion with Hospitals, Courts, Foreign & Commonwealth Office and MPs.
Local police assisted the process.
Devious Social Services staff duped US Social Services into believing that Bonnie had been diagnosed as suffering from Maunchausen by Proxy, and they submitted a pick up order to the US authorities, before flying to Florida to kidnap Bonnie.
Even Judge Evans, stated that the child should not be removed from the jurisdiction was in fact made the day after the child had in fact left the jurisdiction.
He added..and I wanted to make it abundantly clear [to the US Authorities] that I said as far as I was concerned firstly the child had already left when I made that order so it didnt seem to me that there was any breach of that order.
The judge also indicated that he only had information supplied by  Julie Rzezniczek.

The Judges words clearly indicate that Mrs Lewis and her grandfather had not breached any order in taking Bonnie to the USA.
In that case the question has to be asked –

On what authority did Neath Port Talbot SS and Julie Rzezniczek obtain a passport for Bonnie, and under what authority did they then take Bonnie from her mother in the USA at gunpoint ?
Julie Rzezniczek was until recently Head of Neath Port Talbot Children and Young People Services.
Her responsibilities included leading on child protection, looked after children, fostering and adoption. Working towards closer relationships with schools and health agencies to deliver a more integrated service for children and families.
This action, taken without proper legal authority, mirrors the recent admission that Birmingham Social Services sent five children to the Jersey childrens care home without the necessary court orders.
After personal investigation, Neath Port Talbot Cllr Keith Davies was prepared to write in a personal statement dated 2002…

I believe that we [Neath Port Talbot Borough Council] were not entitled to go there(USA), we relied on Orders that were invalid and there is a possibility that we may have misled the Courts when those original orders were made.
These are very serious allegations by Cllr Davies, but what action he took inside the Council is unclear. Allegedly he was threatened.

( It is now believed and has been proven by many supporting Linda Lewis that Cllr Davies was nothing more than a plant who was working on behalf of the authorities. He never truly represented Linda and was in fact a mole.) 
The kidnap followed major medical mistakes and incompetence in South Wales hospitals.
Passed from one hospital to the next, with no diagnosis or treatment, the desperate mother eventually sought help from Social Services.
This was a huge mistake, which was ultimately to result in Bonnies kidnap by the SS.
Yet from the time that she was taken by Social Services, Bonnie remained in pain. The same pain for which her mother and grandfather had worked tirelessly to obtain a proper diagnosis and treatment.
What parent wouldn't ?
The mothers reward for her justifiable parental concern was to be branded mentally unwell and to have her child taken by the State.
In doing so,SS officials callously brushed off the daughters terror at the kidnap in Florida.
Then an ordinary social worker, Julie Rzezniczek described Bonnies trauma at being forcibly taken from her family as being….Tearful.
In the subsequent Contract for Contact, Social Services deliberately and specifically prevented any discussion between Miss Lewis and her daughter concerning Bonnies health, illness or pain.
Letters from Bonnie all had to be given to Julie Rzezniczek before they were passed on.
Denied free speech, Bonnie did manage to smuggle out harrowing letters detailing her pain and longing to come home.

None of these were taken into account by Social Services or the Courts.
Blocked behind a Barnados guardian, this little girl was no longer permitted to show love for her family, or express her feelings.
Bonnie has still not been re-united with her mother.
Now adult, she remains held and apparently controlled in a strange world of Social Services contacts, who have aggressively blocked attempts by the family to see their daughter.
At the age of 16 Bonnie met her Grandfather in the street.
This was the man she had loved and thought the world of.
As he greeted her, she shrank back, and warned him….“Granddad, dont come near me. Theyll know. Theyll know. You mustn’t.”
Sensing his granddaughter’s distress,and fearful for her, he walked on.
Programmed and controlled by Neath Port Talbot SS, Bonnie was now lost in a psychological prison called British child protection.
Her strange behaviour was, and still is, totally contrary to the loving letters which she smuggled to her family.
Just what did the SS do to this childs mind?
The June UK Column story ( Gagged by NPTCBC ) produced instant response from the general public.
Telephone calls from parents reporting yet more SS child snatch cases, further information on the Bonnie case (including allegations of threats by police officers), calls and letters of support for the work of the paper,demands by Port Talbot Council that they did not want more copies of the Column.
A few members of the public couldnt believe that the story was true.
And this is a critical point.

Not only is Bonnies story true, but the facts of the case are mirrored in thousands of other cases of child stealing by the state that have occurred in UK over the last 30 years.
Something evil is at work in Great Britain, and it is targeting our children.
Just consider the revelation that Birmingham Social services sent children to Jersey, and now has no record of them.
Most worryingly this is an evil backed and supported by top level government ministers using secret family courts.
The UK Column promised to continue to help the Lewis family expose the truth.

( when I saw the evidence so did I for as long as it takes ! – Kevin )

We are therefore publishing excerpts and quoting from the official documents and letters concerning the case.
Painstakingly obtained by the family, these have all been duplicated for safekeeping.
It is this evidence which must be brought into the light, if our children are to be safely brought up by their loving families, and not by an increasingly domineering and prescriptive state machinery.
The original charges made by the UK Column against Neath Port Talbot Social Services and local hospitals included:
Failure to diagnose a serious illness.
Removal of a healthy appendix by Neath Hospitalwith no license to operate.
Cover-up of the severe post operative abscess.
Excessive prescription of drugs, some not approved for use on children. ( see below )

Negligent prescription of oral morphine.
Incorrect discharge and prescription forms.
Confused and incompetent hospital referrals, examination and treatment.
False denial of Bonnies pain by Doctors and Social Workers.
Instead of supporting Mrs Lewis to obtain proper treatment for Bonnie, evidence shows a number of doctors conspired with Neath Port Talbot Social Services to silence the mother by branding her mentally ill /unstable and taking Bonnie into care.
Not happy with destroying the family,Social Services then failed to treat Bonnie and left her in pain and isolated from her family.
Bonnies smuggled letters (actual handwritten ), show her trauma and ongoing pain at the hand of cold callous Social Services minders.

The following letters are in her own words.

March 19th 1998 …they are the only things two things that I want is to be out of pain and back home with you all.
June 1998 she says (in her own words): I love my Nan and Granddad and my pain if I say it to my Mum they will stop contact never see you again. Julie Rzezniczek and the Guardian have told me I am never coming home.
September 1999….Please please help me I miss you all so mum. I hate living with Julie.I just want to be home and I am still in the same pain.

October 1999 …”I love you Mam..All I want is to come home”.

Significantly, Julie Rzezniczek had contacted Dr Michael Cosgrove in May 1998 to say that Bonnie.“had some some worsening of her symptoms. It seems that a week ago her pain got worse”.
Examined by Dr Cosgrove, Bonnie was restarted on medication. As with his earlier examinations Cosgrove remained convinced that there was nothing significantly wrong.
With unbelievable hypocrisy it was unacceptable for a mother to keep seeking medical help for a daughter in pain, but Social Services can deny that pain, and then seek further medical opinion with impunity. The cold brutality is shocking.
But there is far more to Bonnie’s case than brutality by the SS -the trail of medical blunders,incompetence and negligence is alarming.
Bonnie was first admitted to Singleton Hospitalon 23 November 1996 via casualty with a pulse of 140 and a temperature over 100.
Five dayslater she was discharged by Dr Dewi Evans, who considered nothing wrong.
On 9 December 1996, and still in pain, Bonnie was re-admitted to Neath General Hospital.
Although her pain was high in her stomach, a general surgeon Mr John Elias assisted by Dr Obyian performed an appendectomy.
This operation was totally unnecessary and Bonnie’s appendix was later discovered by her parents to be completely healthy.

By 16 December however, Bonnie was delirious with a massive wound infection.
Her parents discovered in January 1997 that Neath hospital did not even have a license to conduct the operation – they started a formal complaints procedure against Neath hospital.

With no diagnosis for her pain, Bonnie’s parents were then given the run around by doctors and hospitals.
By 13 January Dr Nelson suspected another abscess and referred her to Bridgend hospital under Dr Trefor Jones.
Next Jones suspected a hiatus hernia.

By 20 January Bonnies supposedly had suspected ulceration problems.
After that Cardiff University hospital, and here the story takes another twist.
A Dr Morris examined Bonnie and stated that she had a serious stomach acid problem.
Although she was not his patient, Dr Morris was so concerned with Bonnie’s condition that he conducted tests which showed high acid as the cause of the pain. Prescribed anti-acid medication Bonnie was discharged.
Her pain worsened and she was re-admitted to Bridgend to be discharged and re-admitted again.
Family given run -around by NHS.
Miss Lewis states that “No one seemed to know what was happening.
Bonnie was in pain, we just kept getting the run around.
They lied and even falsified reports and documents.”
At the end of February Bonnie underwent yet more tests at Cardiff University Hospital.
By chance the family saw Dr Morris again.
He was shocked when they told him what had been going on, and requested from his superiors that he take Bonnie as his patient.
The family allege that not only was he refused permission, but he was warned to “keep out of it or loose his job”.

On 27 February the desperate family contacted the Area Health Authority.
The Chief Executive Jan Williams instructed them to get in touch with their GP Dr Roberts, to tell him to get re-admitted into a hospital that had MRI scanning facilities and to have her stomach and pancreas scanned.Roberts seemed reluctant or unable to get in contact with the family, but when he finally did so, Mrs Lewis maintains that he stated.
”We’re all going to get struck off for this!”

Roberts failed to get Bonnie into a hospital with an MRI scan, and arranged Bonnie to be re admitted to Bridgend, pending transfer to an MRI facility elsewhere.
During March 1997 Bonnie was given a CT scan of her stomach, and not her pancreas.
A Dr Gregory reported that Dr Ollifee had performed a positive gastric test, and this indicated that she was suffering from Zollinger Ellison Syndrome.
Meanwhile arrangements were supposedly being made to transfer Bonnie from Singleton to Great Ormond Street hospital.
On March 30th Bonnie was prescribed 80mgs of oral morphine a fatal dose.

This was a
 gross error and luckily Mrs Lewis checked before giving it to her Bonnie. Otherwise Bonnie would have been dead.
April 1st and the desperate family now try Alder-Hey hospital Liverpool.
Dr Dazzell examined Bonnie, repeated earlier tests, prescribed the same anti-acid medication, and then 15 days later discharged Bonnie, saying nothing was wrong.

Surreptitiously he makes a new appointment at Singleton with Dr Cosgrove. The doctor who would later be used by Social Services to ‘treat’ Bonnie.
Complaining again to Dr Avery Chief Executive of the Bro Morgannwg Health Trust in May, Avery told the surprised Lewis family that he had already allocated the money for Bonnie to go to Great Ormond Street.
He was under the (mistaken) impression she had already gone.
By personally arranging an appointment at the Royal Free, Bonnie’s Grandfather was able to get Bonnie examined by Dr Simon Murch.
He identified that Bonnie’s colon was blocked:this damning result effectively nullified earlier tests supposedly carried out at the other hospitals.
Initially upbeat about his findings, Dr Murch became cooly dismissive of his findings after ‘discussion’ with colleagues.
He prescribed laxatives, but arranged another appointment.
On June 1st Bonnie is given a Colostoscope and Endoscope. Dr Murch now diagnoses Frolic Colitis; her immune system is not working, her digestive tract is inflamed and glands in her stomach were inflamed.

He prescribed 3000mgs daily of Pentasa- a drug not recommended for children and with a recommended adult dosage of 750mgs per day.

By June 3rd a Dr Thomson suggested Bonnie had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and was depressed.

On June 5th Bonnie was given an MRI brain scan as she was having severe headaches.
From June 7th until July 17 she was subjected to yet more tests by different doctors with different diagnoses.
After being an inpatient for 7 weeks Bonnie was discharged. False claims of an infected appendix.
Behind the scenes Dr Dewi Evans of Singleton Hospital had already been manipulating events.

Writing to Dr Dazell of Alder Hey Liverpool on 9 April 1997, he provides a summary of Bonnie’s case, which contains errors and untrue statements.
In particular he describes the operation to remove Bonnie’s appendix as revealing an appendix that was “long and swollen”.
He also describes the recovery as uneventful apart from some “redness around the appendectomy scar.”
Either Evans was misinformed or this was a blatant lie, since Bonnie’s appendix was normal, and she had suffered a massive post operative infection and abscess of the wound.
His summary did not identify a full diagnosis for Bonnie either previously or at that time.
Instead Evans appears to ‘engineer’ his position concerning Bonnie and her family.
He states: “I have spoken to colleagues in Cardiff and Neath about Bonnie.”
“They all comment on the incredible tension in the family.”
“There appears to be a great deal of anger.”
“However no one has worked out any explanation for these symptoms, i.e. no one can identify any “gain” to her having these pains.”
“I will be very interested to see how things work out at Alder Hey.”
“I would be pleased to become the local link for her paediatric care, or it may be more appropriate for her to see my colleague Dr Mike Cosgrove”.
In his letter to Dr Roberts, Bonnie’s GP, dated 9 July 1997, Evans again ignores the medical shambles which has occurred since his original examination on 28th November 1996.

Clouding matters under reference to ‘the Royal Free and a whole load of investigations’, Evans again gives no definitive diagnosis, but does put himself forward as the primary point of contact within local paediatrics.
Later, this central role effectively allows him to ‘steer’ the subsequent direction of Bonnie’s case, labeling the mother with false ‘psychiatric diagnoses’ and covering up medical misdiagnosis and incompetence – the very factors which caused the family and Bonnie to experience unnecessary suffering and mental anguish in the first place.
We should also remember that the Lewis family had also started the path to a medical negligence claim, which would certainly have involved Dr Evans.
Facts twisted to claim emotional abuse.
Just three weeks later, again on the instigation of the same Dr Evans, Neath Port Talbot Social Services called an Initial Child Protection Case Conference at GP Dr Roberts’ surgery.
It was stated that …. ”(the) conference was of the view that the threshold of significant harm (emotional abuse) has been crossed, however Agencies are prepared to give the family the opportunity to work in partnership with those professionals involved in an effort to help Bonnie…(it was) therefore decided not to enter Bonnie’s name on the Child Protection Register”.
Having now drawn Bonnie into the Neath Port Talbot SS child snatch system, the conference then conspired to alienate the mother from independent medical advice.

It did this by recommendation 3… ”(that) the supervision of any medical support / intervention is undertaken entirely under the auspices of the family GP (Dr Roberts) and Consultant Paediatrician (Dr D Evans).
Any referrals to other Specialists (e.g. Psychiatrist) should occur only after positive consultation between Dr Roberts and Dr Evans”.
This recommendation effectively gave Dr Evans control of Bonnie’s case and prevented the parents from getting alternative third party medical advice.

Just four days after the conference Dr Evans again wrote to Bonnie’s GP Dr Roberts setting out what he considered were factors making him certain of “a significant psychological problem”.
His letter surmises that:
“The family taking Bonnie to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in the middle of the night, instead of arranging admission to a local hospital….. ”could only be described as ‘attention seeking by proxy’ ”, Bonnie improved when her mother was not there…. ”suggesting a psychosomatic problem.”
The mother’s reaction to the results of various investigations … ”is not a normal response”.The mother’s objection to psychological consultation and counceling….”is indicative of a pathological maternal response.”
It should be remembered that for some 7 months Bonnie had been in continual pain, and had already suffered further pain and suffering from a huge abscess after having her (healthy) appendix removed prior to her referral to Dr Evans.

At the end of his letter Dr Evans stresses that he considers that the conference’s decision to”channel all medical referrals through the two of us was absolutely correct”.
Most significantly he ends the letter by suggesting that “Bonnie now needs her own representative, in the form of a Guardian ad Litem”. As the appointed Court Guardian, such a person would hold near total control over Bonnie.

Evans had now effectively started to isolate Bonnie from her mother and limit access to independent medical opinion.

He had also started to
 draw attention away from physical illness (although Bonnie was still in pain) and focus attention instead on vague mental /psychiatric problems supposedly concerning the little girl and her mother.

By 24 October Evans was again promoting the need for a Guardian ad Litem -this time in a letter to Miss D Smith of Neath Port Talbot Legal Services.

He also acknowledges that the Lewis family are “employing solicitors because of their concerns over the medical management”.

At this point,
 possibly implicated in medical negligence, Dr Evans clearly has a vested interest in the direction of Bonnie’s case.

He next wrote to Miss Smith on 21 November 1997 making a summary of the case – again regarded by the mother as inaccurate and misleading report.
Amongst a number of points Evans significantly states in paragraph 12 that …… ”Bonnie’s clinical presentation places her within the threshold of a diagnosis of Munchausen by proxy.”
Although not a trained psychologist or psychiatrist, Evans encloses an article he has read by Eminson and Postlethwaite titled “Factitious Illness: recognition and management.
He further recommended investigation according to routine child protection procedures.
The suggestion to appoint a Guardian ad Litem was fulfilled in December when Mrs Carol Thomas of Barnados Guardian ad Litem Service West Glamorgan was appointed.
Bonnie is kidnapped in USA at gunpoint from her hospital bed.
From this point on events snowball.
In a Court hearing at Neath magistrates court on December 18th, the Local authority asked for the case to be referred to the Family Court.

That same day Dr Evans called another case conference at Singleton Hospital because Bonnie had missed an appointment with Dr Cosgrove.
At this stage, knowing that Bonnie was still ill and in pain, and sensing that she was to be taken from them, the desperate family took Bonnie to the USA to get a definitive medical diagnosis.

They were completely entitled to do so since, as Judge Evans later admitted in court, “it didn’t seem to me that there was any breach of that order.”

Since Miss Lewis was quite within her rights to take her child abroad for medical examination and treatment, what authority did Julie Rzezniczek of Neath Port Talbot Social services have, to arrange the kidnapping of Bonnie in the USA – particularly using a label of Munchausen by Proxy, which had no substantiated medical or psychiatric diagnosis?
What legal authority did Julie Rzezniczek have to obtain a passport for Bonnie, ( under a false name ) particularly when Judge Evans had not made any ruling on her extradition from the USA?

The evidence indicates that Neath Port Talbot Social Services, in collusion with South Wales police and the Courts, acted illegally and unlawfully in obtaining a passport and kidnapping Bonnie.

On her return to UK Bonnie was placed in a psychiatric facility.

From then on she was a prisoner of the state.
Bonnie is yet to return home.
As a parent, are you appalled by what you have read?
Could the next child to be abused by the State be yours?
Write to your MP and Local Councillor.
The families MP Hywel Francis has been aware of Bonnie's Case for many years but will take no action. We can only therefore assume that he is part of this sinister cover up.

On the 3rd and 5th of June 2009, five elected Councillors myself and Councillors Andrew Tutton, Keith Davies, John Tallamy and Frank Little went to court with Miss Lewis and her family in Cardiff Civil Justice Centre.

We all knew that Neath Port Talbot Council had acted illegally and we were all to testify on behalf of Miss Lewis. Not one of us was allowed to do so.We were silenced by the sitting Judge Seys Llewellyn.
Also with us helping Miss Lewis with her legal case was Councillor Meirion Bowen.
It is worth noting that Miss Lewis throughout her efforts for justice has always acted herself as a ” Litigant in Person. ” No solicitor will represent her as this case is considered to much of a ” hot potato ” and could damage their own career prospects should they be shown to assist Miss Lewis in anyway.
Judge Seys Llewellyn is a political judge.
He was there to oppress victims of the state. He allowed endemic perjury to take place in his court in his determination to prevent Linda Lewis from seeking justice over the kidnapping of her then twelve year old daughter.
(8 signed affadavits have been sent by witnesses who attending this trial in support of Miss Lewis confirming the endemic perjury. They are now with the Lord Chief Justice Igor Judge. – Kevin )

It was proved during this case that Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council had acted illegally by kidnapping Miss Lewis daughter at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America.
They could produce no evidence to prove that as an authority they had acted Legally !
I ask you to demand that this case is brought to open trial and the guilty punished !
A personal disclaimer from Councillor Kevin Edwards
The information that I have published in this tragic story of State Sponsored Corruption and Child Kidnapping is 100% accurate. I and thousands of people have seen the evidence and there can be no question with regards to it’s accuracy. The evidence has been carefully down loaded onto discs and is held with over 300 trusted people worldwide.

There are over 3000 people worldwide actively campaigning for " Justice 4 Linda Lewis."

So desperate were Neath Port Talbot Social Services that a "Super Injunction"  and various "Gagging Orders" were taken out to prevent the evidence being placed into the public domain.

With the threat of an immediate "Penal/Prison Sentence " to myself I have broken this injunction under "Public Interest Law."


The fight goes on.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

Would the Ms D Smith of NPT legal service referred to be one and the same as Debbie Smith now of West Glam Childcare legal services [service manager]?

If so one can see one of the major problems in this case. Serious information regarding her activities in corrupting children's cases is around elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Does social services/swansea family courtget most of its experts from Singleton hospital?

Look at their minutes and records where its seems doctors from singleton attend the meetings????

Anonymous said...

Singleton Hospital plays a big part in child kidnapping and the covering up of child abuse.
Sadly Morriston is not any different.
The SS use paedatricians in both hospitals to cover up their crimes against kidnapped children.