Sunday 26 February 2012

Our Laws, Our Freedom And Our People... Kidnapped By America.

What is the difference between extradition and kidnapping?

I used to know, but I am no longer sure. Because an emotional spasm about ‘terrorism’ caused us to take leave of our senses, we are all now at the mercy  of foreign governments that take a  dislike to us.
In some cases we can be snatched from our homes and families because we are charged with actions which are not even crimes here.
In some cases we can be hauled away in manacles on the demand of some politically driven American prosecutor.
I used to admire American justice, but since the state-sponsored panic under George W. Bush, I am sadly disillusioned.
The penalty for daring to plead not guilty – certain financial ruin and a possible 35-year sentence – is so savage that the presumption of innocence, and jury trial itself, have been to all intents and purposes abolished. This means that the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution – which guarantees the right to a fair trial, and is one of the glories of America – has been violated and destroyed.
That is bad enough, but we shouldn’t  forget our other, equally unforgivable  surrender of national independence, the EU arrest warrant. Bulgarian justice, anyone? Both the new US-UK extradition treaty and the EU arrest warrant were rammed through Parliament on the basis that they would fight ‘terror’.
Wise and far-sighted questions were raised about this enormous change when it was first proposed. The heartbreaking case of Christopher Tappin the British businessman extradited to America last week, against whom there seems to be nothing resembling evidence of wrongdoing or guilty intent, is exactly what its critics feared. This episode is so unfair that any proper British patriot must surely be moved to cold fury by it.
What is interesting is that while the problem has been obvious for years, nothing has been done about it.
Worse, authority has pretended that there is nothing to worry about. Sir Scott Baker’s recent report into extradition said complacently that there was ‘no significant difference’ between what the US needs to do to extradite one of ours, and what we need to do to extradite one of theirs.
Is that so?
It was not always the official position. Baroness Scotland, Home Office Minister of State, speaking in the House of Lords on the afternoon of December 16, 2003, made it quite clear that if we tried to extradite an American citizen we would in future be required to meet ‘a higher threshold than we ask of the United States, and I make no secret of that’.
In short, this is an unequal treaty, of the sort made between colonial powers and their powerless vassals, or between  conquerors and their victims. Now, whenever the United States mounts its very high horse on the subject of terrorism, I think we must recall that it was the US that compelled this country to surrender to the terrorist murderers of the IRA.
IT WAS President Bill  Clinton who laundered the grisly and sinister  Godfather Gerry Adams, giving him a visa and allowing him to spread his soapy propaganda and raise funds across the United States. President George W. Bush, Mr Anti-Terrorism himself, actually altered his schedule to fit in Mr Adams (who was too busy to make the original time) for a jolly St Patrick’s Day chinwag in the White House.
So put that in your Guinness and drink it, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. If it’s terror you’re against, you know where to look for its supporters and sponsors.
Britain should – tonight if possible – withdraw from these unequal treaties, which are nationally humiliating, lawless and limitlessly dangerous.

Source Peter Hitchens of the Mail on Sunday HERE

N@t@sh@ Lewis also kidnapped by America at gunpoint aged 12 years on the 18th February 1998 on false evidence and a false passport provided by Julie Rzezniczek of Neath Port Talbot Social Services.


Anonymous said...

14 years after Natasha's kidnapping they are taking notice.


Anonymous said...

So can we get Julie Rzezniczek extradited to the US for conning them by producing false and fraudulent evidence to kidnap Natasha.

Anonymous said...

This should Not! have happened and NPT Council should be ashamed of themselves by remaining silent.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I spoke to a relative of the Lewis family,and she told me about the case.

To be honest and truthful, at first i found it hard to beleive when she said the child had been taken from her mother's care in America by Neath Port Talbot Council,without any court order.

I have just started to read the Story and there is so much information it will take me some time to read. shocked

Anonymous said...

There is overwhelming evidence and i hope justice will prevail soon.