Saturday 13 November 2010

EU accounts rejected for the sixteenth year in a row

Billions of pounds of EU funds were spent wrongly, they concluded, such as farmers being paid for crops that were never grown, or sheep being double counted to get extra grants.

Details of the scandalous waste emerged only weeks after David Cameron pledged to restrict the increase in the EU budget next year.

And it coincides with a rebellion on the Tory backbenches over controversial changes to the Lisbon Treaty – signed up to by Mr Cameron.

The European Court of Auditors challenged the EU to get a grip on its spending after finding ‘material errors’ in last year’s £88billion budget.

Its president, Vitor Manuel da Silva Caldeira, said about 5 per cent of the budget – some £4billion –(remember those are EU figures) was spent wrongly

The biggest examples of waste were in agriculture, development aid and fisheries.

Auditors found that EU farm subsidies had been handed over to subsidise crops without any proof they were being grown. They visited farmland and found no evidence of cultivation at all.

Stephen Booth, analyst at the Open Europe think tank, said: ‘This is a hugely embarrassing annual tradition and it remains absolutely unacceptable.’

The British National Party couldn’t agree more and this is why we want to withdraw from the EU.

The money we currently pay to the EU superstate could be used to reduce the huge budget deficit without cutting essential services, job losses or increasing taxes.

We are the only political party that wants this madness to stop and that is one of the reasons why the establishment will use any means at their disposal to destroy us.


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