Thursday 1 April 2010

“Mass immigration and its associated problems have been a disaster for our country, and only the BNP can be relied upon to put a stop to it."

Come on Folks.
Think !
Where will your children live and in what type of society ?
Will they have jobs ?
Will they have housing ?
But most importantly will they have hope for their future ?
Under me they will have a chance.
As "God is my Witness" I will give it my best shot.
" I would rather die fighting than live as a slave."


Anonymous said...

Those comments confirm to me that in deciding to vote for Kevin I made the right choice.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the earlier comment.

The BNP have unearted a real gem here.

A man of integrity and guts exactly what the people of Aberavon have been waiting for.

Let's hope they send Kevin to Westminster with a huge majority.


Anonymous said...

About time Kevin that someone like yourself will stand up and be counted to fight for the Aberafan people.
It has been an automated vote because there has been nobody to fight against this New Labour private club that exists in Port Talbot and private jobs for the boys i.e contract work.
When you get in Kevin, keep your promise to get an investigation on how this corrupt council has been run, please.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

" I would rather die fighting than live as a slave." Have you been reading my mind Kevin?

David Bradley

Kevin Edwards said...


I will keep my promise.

There is no chance of me going down the usual route of "Public Bodies" investigating "Public Bodies."

A cover up always happens.

Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons our two MEP'S have BNP Staff ripping apart the books of the EU.

It will take time.

"Guilty Scum" do not go without a fight but they do and will eventually go.

I will do the same with the corrupt NPTCBC.

Thank you for your comment and support.



Anonymous said...


I am astonished.

Do you know what you are doing ?



Anonymous said...

If you get in and I really hope you do.

You do realise that there will be another fire where important documentation will go missing.

No doubt Social Services files will be burnt.

This always happens but their footprint will remain.

Will they start killing children who they have abused ?

Was the Afan Lido insured ?

How much exactly did they invest in Icelandic banks ?

Why am I forced to pay around circa 25% of my Council Tax for a police force that I never see policing ?

Keep fighting.

I do not agree with everything that you say but you are the right person to sort this out.