Tuesday 19 January 2010

Well, well, well.Who would have believed it from the nice Lib Dum Party !

David Jack (Pictured) is no longer a parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Stoke on Trent.

It seems that the Lib Dum candidate has been a very naughty boy by sending the following email to a gentleman of the asian persuasion from his email account.

"...if I was you I would f*** back off to the hills of tora borro (sic), I have your home address, you are f***** sunshine, we shall see who has got balls now you two faced lying f****** paki... your cards f*****... prison awaits you b** boy. Think your (sic) brave, you don't know the line you have crossed you f*** witt (sic) - keep looking over you shoulder theif! (sic)"

Mr Jack, who denies sending the email but admits it did come from his official email account said he had been drinking in Stoke last Friday night when the email was sent at 10.24pm.

Will the Lib Dums put out a press release saying that maybe the BNP did it when their backs were turned ? You never know.

So who are the real rascists in Stoke ?

Well it has to be the politically confused, useless and ineffective Lib Dums doesn't it.


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