Friday 15 January 2010

For ten days when temperatures were at their lowest, not one windmill blade turned ! Say no to the proposed Pen Y Cymoedd windfarm

The ever expanding EU regulations will cost the British taxpayer at least £184billion over the next 10 years (this is in addition to our £6.4billion annual net contribution).

According to ‘Europe Open’ the second most costly regulation is the Climate Change Act which will soon add £130 to £200 a year to the annual energy bill for a typical UK family.

Much of this is going into the installation of costly windmills as a power source.

None of the above costs will be reduced, let alone eliminated, by the LibLabCon parties despite the enormous black hole of national debt which has to be tackled by any incoming new government – and if it is headed by Cameron
it will also continue with an increased total overseas aid programme costing in excess of £10billion.

The effectiveness of what the old discredited parties are offering to tackle the gigantic debt that their globalist, multiculturally-obsessed policies produced can be equated with the value of the power generated by our expensive national array of windmills.

For ten days of this winter’s deep freeze when temperatures were at their lowest, not one windmill blade turned from the Suffolk coast to the Scottish highlands.

The problem was that when a high pressure area settles over Britain in the winter it gives two weather effects. Very cold temperatures and low wind speeds. And as they were below 7.5 mph, the windmills did not work.

Yet Brown – fully backed by the evergreen Cameronite Tories and the politically pointless Lib Dems - has committed us to a £200 billion dash for wind.

Power companies have been awarded contracts to build 6,400 wind turbines off the British coast. Not one turbine has been built in Britain so far – they are either imported from Germany or Denmark.

As for the much-heralded “extra British jobs” this will bring, the only major source will be the redundant fishermen whose jobs have been taken by the French and Spanish and for the future can crew the service boats for the offshore wind farms.

If all these proposed 6,400 wind turbines were installed by 2020, which at present engineering capabilities is an impossible target, then as long as the wind blew at the right speed the peak capacity would provide 25 per cent of our power needs.

The variability of the wind being what it is means that there must always be a conventional power source back-up, whether it be coal, gas, oil or nuclear power.

But the EU has already said that we must close our coal-fired power stations in six years and that they will not give exception to the proposed clean coal operated power stations.

Led by the French and German owned companies,
the UK power companies have now said they will require £100billion investment to build a “super-grid” connected to Europe to guarantee a steady power supply.

Having led the way five years ago in pointing out that we had reached “peak oil”, the BNP supports development of alternative energy sources, which includes wave power, nuclear power, solar energy panels and, as we still have millions of tonnes of coal deposits, effective clean-coal operated power stations.

(The British National Party is the only political party commited to reopening our mines providing British Mining Jobs for British Miners.We still have over 200 years of coal based on the same output levels of 1983- Kevin)

We recognise that there is a definite place for small wind turbines which have been proven as an effective back-up source for power generation for individual homes, farms and small manufacturing units.

But it is the fact that they will always need back-up that makes them a financial disaster on the mass scale envisaged by the LibLabCon.

I oppose any plans for the proposed Pen Y Cymoedd windfarm and will support and speak out for the people of Glyncorrwg who would be most directly affected by it.


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