Saturday 16 August 2014

You Just Couldn't Make It Up ( Again )

After much laughter , hilarity and utter amazement the time is now right to update you regarding the reply received from our glorious leader in Wales First Minister Carwyn Jones AM.

In fact the reply did not come directly from our Carwyn but instead came via Sir Derek Jones KCB ,an unelected Civil Servant with the grand title of Permanent Secretary to the Welsh Assembly Government.

We have been advised due to the damning content of the letter itself not to place it in the public domain but I can say that it is ludicrous , laughable and absurd in its content.

It's over 16 years since Linda's daughter was kidnapped by Neath Port Talbot Social Services so you can imagine the bemusement and hilarity shared by those of us who have seen the letter when Sir Derek in his wisdom suggested that Linda make a complaint to the " Complaints Department " of Neath Port Talbot Social Services !

Sir Derek (pictured above) obviously on our Carwyns nod also kindly suggested that we could complain also to the Ombudsman (A Government Controlled Body) or make a complaint to the police ! Nice try Sir Derek but as we all  know the police no longer investigate serious criminal activity by politicians or government.

Let me make this perfectly clear to Sir Derek and our Carwyn.

Linda is not doing complaints.

Linda is a mother falsely accused dealing with her "lawful rights" in order to clear her name and to see those that have wronged her be lawfully brought to justice.

Lawful rights deliberately being ignored and denied to her by the First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones AM.

In fact we were well advised a long time ago not to go to the police as Linda's case would be buried. 

Having said that many decent Police Officers would dearly love to see the people who have committed the many crimes against Linda and her daughter rightfully locked up.

Sadly it is the new breed of "Political Police" from within the Senior Ranks who would allow this crime to continue.

I am sure I speak for all of Linda's supporters in offering our sympathy and support to the many excellent police officers out there who simply want to be allowed to do their jobs but are currently being prevented from doing so.

If you think what you have read so far is bad enough there is more.

Sir Derek and our Carwyn were presented new criminal evidence, conclusive proof that the Welsh Assembly Government and Neath Port Talbot Council had colluded together in serious criminal acts.

Exactly the same evidence that had been previously entered into Cardiff Court where the Court could not defend itself making all false and criminally obtained restrictions previously placed on Linda  " void ab initio " from the beginning.

Cardiff Court could not defend itself against this new evidence and neither could the Legal Department of Neath Port Talbot Council HERE and yet Sir Derek and our Carwyn have deliberately chosen to ignore it.

This in itself is criminal behaviour !

By deliberately ignoring this evidence and refusing to take the appropriate actions befitting their office both are at least guilty of "Perverting The Course Of Justice " and " Misconduct In Public Office."

As several people have correctly pointed out.

We would expect that members of the Welsh Assembly Government having been given this evidence and knowing what has been done to Linda, her family and her daughter would be knocking on her door , full of apologies and desperate to make amends as quickly as possible.

Sadly with " Carwyns Criminal Cabal " this is not the case.

So we fight on.

We have many options that we are currently being pursued and rest assured we will be contacting Sir Derek and our Carwyn again very soon.

Sir Derek and our Carwyn may think that this entirely 100%   " Labour Party Sponsored Criminal Cover Up " can remain hidden but they are sadly very wrong.

Therefore in excellent spirits and with added determination we fight on with the absolute guarantee of victory.

The Welsh Assembly Government. Not in my name.


Kevin Edwards said...

Good to see Russia Today picking up on establishment child abuse here

Freedom Of Speech Blog said...

Kevin and Linda this activity from people in public office is like a movie or a bad dream.

I have strongly supported both of you and the linda lewis campaign and will continue to do so i feel brothers and siters we need to up our game with regular protests outside the homes of those most responsiable for this cover up.

We also need to follow the welsh media around untill every reporter knows each and everyone of us as campain supporters and like the bible spread the word daily of the cover up in the welsh assebly and neath port talbot social services.

Lets go down the other routes but i feel action is needed soon.

We demand a public enquiry or appology before christmas 2014

Andy freedom talk radio

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct in what you say Kevin.

Don't get involved in complaints it's their game so are two faced MP's and politicians.

This is an absolute case in point why one should never make a complaint as you then become a "complainant" within their world subject to their rules and their directions.

IF you have an issue with a corporation that asks you to make a complaint. Watch their reaction when you state " I don't do complaints, I deal with lawful claims" Really puts the sh1ts up them big time.

Ang X

Joe said...

When the evidence is conclusive as it is , and it is given to the authority that acts in crime as it was , then it is simply the responsibility of that body to put it right as soon as possible.

It is not Linda's responsibility any longer.

Once again the criminals are hopelessly exposed.

Shame on them all.

Game over.

Unknown said...

All coming together now. this has taken a long long time and much effort by all involved. The time is close for the finale and i am cetain spiritual guidance nd the effort involved will sonn win out.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Carwyn is still deliberately deceiving the people of Wales and the world by being satisfied that everything was done legally etc.

Show us the evidence then Carwyn.

We know the truth you are a liar and a conman unfit for office

Gaynor said...

I have seen said letter.

It is important to state that when Linda was in the high court she was deprived evidence deliberately held from both her and her barrister by the Welsh Government and Neath Port Talbot Council.

That is why everything is void in Linda's case the void order paperwork confirms this.

Any claim by Sir Derek or Carwyn that this has been PROPERLY scrutinised by the high court is a fraudulent allegation.

A correct and just verdict COULD NEVER have been reached as Linda did NOT have sight of all the evidence and neither did her barrister.

Linda therefore did not have a fair trial and was deprived all of the evidence against her.

All trials , restrictions etc fraudulently obtained by Neath Port Talbot aided and abetted by the WAG were based on fraud and other criminal acts.

Therefore Sir Derek and Carwyn Jones are acting in fraud and committing many criminal acts themselves by implying this.

They know that they are acting OUTSIDE of the law by saying this and criminally misleading the general public.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Kevin as with Linda's case all takes so long for truth to be told and justice be given I wish the whole population would rise up.


Anonymous said...

OPPRESSION - Inhuman or degrading treatment of individuals (parent) or groups (family), hardship or injustice brought about by the dominence of one group (Social Services) over another (parent, family), the negative and demeaning use of power.It also involves disregarding the rights of an individual (parent) or group (family) and is thus a denial of citizenship.

The above is the meaning of the word OPPRESSION. The wording in bracketts have been added/included to this meaning.

We are actually being OPPRESSED by the UK Social Services who are nothing more than Government/Paedophiles Footsoldiers

Anonymous said...

One law for them and another for us?

Anonymous said...

The problems we have as a people and a nation are many fold but are easily resolved.

The unholy alliance is that MP's and AM's have a gentleman's agreement that they will not act on complaints by the electorate about the police.

Likewise the police will not act on accusations or complaints by the public against MP's or AM's.

This needs to stop .

Look at " operation Tiberius " !

" Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent."

" Famous for its secret handshakes, Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police. "

We in Wales are being conned we are on the surface run by the idiots in Cardiff Bay but the real powerbrokers and decision makers running Wales come out of the Dinas Llandaff Lodge in Cardiff.

It is accepted and widely known that Cardiff High Court is probably the most corrupt court in the land by a country mile .

There is no coincidence that Carwyn Jones who is a Fabian Marxist and a QC has massive influence on the masonic judiciary therein.

Corrupt and rotten to the bone our whole system but we do know about it and will not accept it.

All this is widely known by many.

Anonymous said...

I have written to Carwyn Jones to tell him about our experience with the LA in Carmarthenshire, but as usual he doesnt want to know! He shouldnt be in his job if he doesnt do anything about all the wrong doings of the Local authorities, he must be getting sum back hander or something! I asked to have an appointment to see him but he doesnt meet with people who are not in his costituancy, what a load of bullshit! we are WELSH people who have been treated like criminals by social services, and our grandchild has been taken from my daughter, who has done nothing wrong but be a young mother who had difficult being a mum and needed support, but instead of giving her help they took her baby! She isnt a drunk, drug addict or criminal, so why punish her and baby by tearing them apart! If she was they would help and support her with programs for that, but cause they thought this is another baby we can get adopted and more money for them. The baby is not thriving in care she is under the doctor in the hospital they are concerned about her health and done tests on her. She is 14months old and weighs 16lb 13oz, she cant walk, crawl or pull herself up, she looks as if she is a child from a third world country, and they accused us of putting her at risk, thats a joke she is obviously grieving for her mother and they wont see that instead they keep leaving our baby suffer! Ive written to LA to complain but they dont want to know or the Ombudsman, Ive gone thro the complaints procedure but they are gettin away with it all, Ive written to all the ministers but as usual they wont get involved in individual cases. My daughter was back in court last week for permission to revoke placement order she represented herself, it has been adjourned until Sept 22nd, she has to do a skeleton argument and a statement and get references to prove she has changed in the last 8 months! But the LA wont let her have baby back no matter what changes she has made, this is unfair, she cant afford to pay a solicitor to help her so we are helping as much as we can, but with no legal advice what can we do??
Can anyone help us??

Anonymous said...

Obvious the cabal know they are guilty as they fail to disclose information that they did everything was done legally regarding N.

The net is tightening.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Linda and the others know what they are doing and they slowly but surely are getting there.

Linda's fight is at a point where they cannot just railroad all of us, we have hard conclusive proof including many official letters from all over confirming nothing legal has been done by the WAG and corrupt corporate council ridiculing the manner and arrogance of Carwyn and Sir Dereck.We have all the proof the fraudsters have nothing that is why they are desperate to keep this buried for the crime that it is.

We all behind ya Kev , Linda and family, keep it up m8ty

love and peace

Phil Archer said...

Every time the Welsh Assembly Government Police or the Council aided and abetted by Linda's MP and sadly I now have to accept her AM David Rees ( A Carwyn Mole who has forgotten his duty of office by all accounts ) pull a stunt, more and more people are waking up to the scam and the crime that they are still perpetrating against Linda an innocent person.

Said letter written by such corrupt pompous arses as Sir Dereck only reinforce the extent of their lies , lies totally exposed by all and sundry in the public interest.

It is encouraging for us mere honest truthful lesser mortals as proved by Sir Dereck that being Knighted by the treasonous Queen does not give you immunity from being " Fucking Stupid " for that matter. .

It is the fact that Kevin and Linda can show that they demonstrably have done everything possible to expose the fraud and kidnapping by reporting to all within the corrupt establishment system, whilst simultaneously maintaining a detailed and transparent record of their every move via alternative sites and media.

That this whole criminal conspiracy has gained momentum and secured the hearts and minds of men and women across the country.

I call that a success and we all look forward to the new successes that inevitably will follow.

Phil Archer said...

What I should have added to my earlier contribution is that

Unless and until the Welsh Government , the Council and the Courts ( which they can't and they haven't been able to )can provide the paperwork required under their own alleged laws of this country, then support will remain with Kevin, Linda and all those facing corruption from untrustworthy politicians and others.

By peacefully holding a metaphorical mirror up to those perpetrating these crimes, it is allowing them all to damage themselves.

They have two options now.

Come clean own up to the crimes committed against Linda then Clean up their act and start upholding the law or be prepared to collapse as more and more members hold up that metaphorical mirror to make them face their own corruption deceit and disgusting abuse and sexual abuse of our children.

People are beginning to understand the power they possess.

How do I know.

Because of the successes that have been achieved in exposure of their crimes and individual sickness in the peaceful pursuit of truth.

Exposure is what our political prostitutes and perverts dread.

They cannot deal with - it blows their mind.



Why are you allowing yourselves to be complicit to these crimes against Linda.
Why are you paying your Council Tax.
Who in Neath Port Talbot has the bottle to say - I am withholding my Council Tax payments until such time Linda Lewis receives justice and all those responsible for the crimes against her dismissed forthwith.

J D Kaft said...

What Carwyn Jones and his puppet David Rees must remember is that Linda is not alone.

Thousands of people are united 110% behind Linda's fight.

Hywel Francis you might think you have got away with your crimes but you have not and you never will.

You will be brought to justice by the people and for the people.

You will not escape justice.

So many sickened by the arrogance of corrupt politicians and corrupt councillors covering this up.

The truth an evidence is there for all too see.

With the exception of the crooked Carwyn and his halfwit letter writer Sir Dereck .

With you all the way to the end.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carwyn and other crooked politicians.

When you crossed that line you became a criminal and you will all be brought to book for your crimes. Folks trusted in you and you let them down by taking the law into your own hands. You will not be allowed to get away with it, for one day, you too will be getting that pounding on your door at six in the morning. You will not be able to offer any excuse, for you will be found to be guilty of wrongdoing. At this point, you will all discover what it's like to be on the wrong side of the law and you will have got everything that you justly deserve.

Then spend 16 years fighting to prove your innocence.

See if anyone listens to you ?

Anonymous said...

Confirmation of blatant in your face corruption being knowingly instigated by the leader of the leader of the Welsh Assembly Government .

Nothing more to say.

Jean said...

Morning Kevin

Looking at the pictures of Carwyn Jones is like looking directly into the world of "Crazy"

Anonymous said...

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

- Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

" Never interrupt the Welsh Assembly Government when they are making many mistakes."

- Port Talbot Resident 2014

Good work again m8

Anonymous said...

No change then

Carwyn Jones and his vile acolytes continue to lie through their teeth as well as failing to do the jobs that taxpayers pay them to do.

What a bunch of twisted corrupt no hopers heading for jail.

Anonymous said...

The more I read about the Justice 4 Linda Lewis Case the angrier I get,this is confirmation that it's one rule for Politicians and another for the rest of us.

Why? do we bother to vote.


Anonymous said...

Surely the Welsh government cannot keep on ignoring vital evidence this is such a huge cover-up.

By their responses they don't seem to give a shit about our Children.

If it was their Child what would they do? I feel so sorry for Linda and her Family such a shame.

Chris Bryants Underpants said...

Fear not residents of Port Talbot.

Soon our wonderful town will be immensely blessed and become a haven of fairness, equality and unaccountable morality.

Arise and step forward Mr Steven Kinnock.

Son of the most genuine , incorruptible , honest , totally genuine , talented and honest husband and wife team EVER to have come from this thriving political and principality of Wales so full of virtue , righteousness and truth Mr and Mrs Neil and Thingy Kinnock.

Although I am a former Labour voter I will not be voting for the young Mr Kinnock.

But I do admire his tenacity and courage in standing on his own two feet without due influence from his parents who I am sure have had absolutely no influence in their follicly challenged half wit son standing for the underpaid position of Member of Parliament for Aberavon.

Following on from the excellent Hywel Francis MP who has displayed honesty and integrity ( which can be seen on a clear day stretching from Aberavon to Worms Head ) for the people daft enough to vote for him.

Your sacrifice on behalf of your constituents Hywel should automatically grant you a knighthood or at the very least a seat in the House of Lords.

You will be sorely missed but your constituents do recognise that " we are all in this together " and we hope that you will be able to see out the last of your shining days in relative comfort.

I am sure that you will miss the £40,000 plus salary that you pay your wife Mair to be your secretary so no doubt tough times are ahead for you both.

Hope to see you at the food bank soon where a warm welcome awaits you.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt in the end Carwyn Jones will have to step in to help.

Anonymous said...

Trouble with all politician's
they are only in power to protect themselves.

Anonymous said...

They won't get away with the crimes they have commited against Linda and her daughter.

Well done mate!


Anonymous said...

A notorious paedophile visited children’s homes around Britain before advising the Home Office on reform of the child care system, it emerged today.

Peter Righton – a founding member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) which tried to decriminalise sex between children and adults – toured homes around the Midlands and North West before contributing to the Government paper in 1970.


The Paedophile Information Exchange is who Harriet Harman Deputy Leader of the Labour Party used to represent before becoming an MP.

Voters do not forget that Harriet Harman actively campaigned for the sexual age of consent to be lowered to the age of 10 and that INCEST should be made legal.

Wikipedia definition of INCEST

Incest is sexual activity between family members or close relatives.

This typically includes sexual activity between people in a consanguineous relationship (blood relations), and sometimes those related by affinity, such as members of the same household, step relatives, those related by adoption or marriage, or members of the same clan or lineage.

God Bless Harriet Harman and the Labour Party.

Politicians are deliberately instigating against our children a policy of genocide and paedophilia.

They must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones must be affected by his own unimportance.

Thankfully the public are really waking up to the truth in that sweetshop for criminals aka The Welsh Assembly Government !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The day politicians stop lying to us is the day that DFS will stop having a sale on their sofas.

We know what they are desperate to hide.

We know they can't hide it forever.

Linda Lewis never threatened to kill he daughter.

If it wasn't for Linda her daughter would be dead.

Angels have wings wider than demons

Anonymous said...

They are hanging on by their fingertips.

Using idiots like Sir Dereck as a means to an end is a sign of absolute desperation

It is only their own falsifying of the courts and their own false self importance that keeps them going.

The WAG and the tossers inside it are on a fools errand that cannot last for ever.

Ours is the future

Anonymous said...

For God Sake enough is enough what life as linda had, she been fighting for 16 years poor thing.
hope she will get justrice soon.

Mair Jenkins

Anonymous said...

Shows the mentality of our AMs

Some Welsh ministers want Wales to be an underground dumping site for nuclear waste and actively want to allow fracking.

These people are insane.

Anonymous said...

Oh how they lie.

Interesting that the First Minister will not sign his name to any document regarding this enormous crime leaving it all to the hapless Sir Dereck

Good strategy by Carwyn and devious in nature.

When the shit hits the fan and the arrest start he can always deny knowledge leaving the hapless Sir Dereck to take the can.

Don't drop your soap in the shower Sir Dereck.

You are now firmly and criminally involved in the biggest crime ever committed by the not needed WAG since its formation.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely absured the Government can't continue to cover-up
Surley there should at least be an investigation into the matter


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Sir Dereck.

I hope you know what you have done.

Something cannot be based on nothing Sir Dereck.

Carwyn will stab you I the back and so will his corrupt ministers .

Re-Arise Sir Dereck, Carwyns patsy a la Lee Harvey Oswald.

There's one born every minute Sir Dereck and you have just become one.

Don said...

We know that the political establishment is full of sexual deviants who prey on children, we have known this for years, and to protect themselves they have done nothing.

There is now little difference between the political and criminal class in this country, except maybe the criminal class is more honest.

The political elite, those liars and child abusers state falsehoods even when the truth would suffice.

They would lie even as Britain burns.

They would lie to the hangman's rope protesting their innocence.

But when the rope eventually breaks their sickeningly perverted necks they can lie no more.

For they cannot lie to God.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to Linda and her daughter is evil beyond normal peoples comprehension

Our politicians are scum

Anonymous said...

It's all coming our way.

What a fool you are Sir Dick

Anonymous said...

Cardiff Bay = Corruption Bay

Janice said...

The despicable politicians have swept so much under the carpet that the bulge is there for everyone too see.

I was really hoping that this would be over by now and sad inexcusable fact that our politicians are lying through their teeth still is distressing and embarrassing.

Carwyn Jones " The emperor who has no clothes "

Totally exposed as the fraudsters that they all are.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt politicians like Carwyn Jones can only function or should I say be allowed to function with the help of Civil Servants.

Sir Dereck has seen criminal evidence against the Welsh Assembly Government but has seen nothing to back up Carwyns bullshit.

This is a crime that Sir Dereck is no happy to be a part of

This will not be forgotten.

The Senior Civil Servant in Cardiff Bay Sir Dereck Jones is a criminal

Donna said...

Never give up my friend

These buggers are crapping themselves.

Anonymous said...

Well well well who pulled the ejection handle.
Off she goes in an Elias rocket to be parachuted in on an Elias parachute to the Inner Kingdom of Brothers Elias.
Nice soft landing on a nice soft seat to bamboozle readers of a Legal Comic.
Are things that bad that Brother Carwyn needs another protector to join the Elias Brothers and Labour Paedophile Guards in London.
I think this Legal Comic's readers need to know of the training in mushroom farming that she has had under Brother Carwyn's table.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing for the Chief Legal adviser to say

""It is a fascinating time to be working as the Assembly's chief legal adviser, particularly with the recent and ongoing Supreme Court cases which have been looking at the breadth of the Assembly's legislative competence.

Legislative competence my foot.

Carwyn Jones and Dereck Jones ignoring new evidence in a criminal manner such as what they have done.

Call that competence Miss Jones ?

( Notice that they are all called Jones ! Same family or lodge or just interbreeding ? )

As you have said Kev you just couldn't make it up


Anonymous said...

Criminal Freemasonry at work for all too see.

Anonymous said...

"Bad leadership is like a flat tyre. It's very hard to go anywhere until you change it."

Carwyn Jones needs to be arrested for gross stupidity and corruption.

Carol said...

For over 16 years the Welsh Assembly Government has had the chance to put forward THEIR EVIDENCE to back up that they acted legally regarding Linda and her daughter.

They have been unable to do so as they cannot justify ANY of it .

The same applies to Neath Port Talbot Council ( run by criminals )and being protected by a criminal MP and AM.

The council have nothing to prove their case and once again they can't.

Linda can prove everything done to her WAS ILLEGAL.

No wonder Carwyn Jones and his criminal cabal lie through their teeth.

Game over chaps

Anonymous said...

As in Linda's fight people are at the stage where they are ready to say enough really is enough.

The Carwyn and Sir Dereck Show " has become a joke irreversibly backfired on them.

David Rees has lost all credibility.

The twat Hywel Francis never had any credibility.

And then there is the child stealing by the state. The ever increasing demand for children has meant that the covert child stealing racket has become an overt child stealing racket.

In other words, people now do believe that there is smoke without fire in the vast majority of cases involving children being taken into care.

People now believe that we are governed by paedophiles and perverts.

So many are now resolute.

And then there is child vaccinations. Again, I believe that despite what the MSM would have you believe, many, many more people are no longer letting their doctors inject poison into their off spring.

You see as proven in Linda's case and the nonsense that comes out of ( and goes into our AM's I mean )the Welsh Assembly Government the whole absolute complete and utter agenda of the sick and twisted politicians is

CHILD ABUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whether it be to gratify their own perversions or just torture and horrendous suffering.

Our politicians will very soon " Legalise Paedophilia and Incest " if we let them but we won't.

Years ago politicians used to love having their photos taken with babies. Today they prefer to remain hidden with the babies.


Jenny said...

This is a test case for all of us.

If Linda her daughter and family can have all their lawful and legal rights ignored as well as all their Human Rights it can happen to anyone of us.

She has proven that politicians and civil servants are irreversibly corrupt and need to hang for crimes against the people.

So many of us behind Linda who will never let this drop.

Anonymous said...

Stop voting for unscrupulous politicians to lead us.

Unite together with Linda's campaign.

Carwyn Jones knows that his government will fall when Linda gets justice.

The Labour Party overall is a paedophile supporting party.

We he people can turn this around

We don't need the likes of Francis , Kinnock and Rees.

We need unity and purpose.

Anonymous said...

So disapointed that Carwyn Jones refused to help Linda.
I was sure that Linda would have received full attention from the Welsh assembly Government.

It's become obvious that they do not want this Case Exposed or highlighted to many people involved.

Anonymous said...

"I pray that the spirit of truth and all that is good and decent about mankind are with you at all times until the inevitable victory is declared "

It will happen in Jesus name.

Anonymous said...

So there are only 2 people in Wales who can't see ( Ha Ha ) the truth.

Brothers Carwyn and Dereck.

Anonymous said...

Well one thing has been learnt as if we didn't know Dereck Jones is as corrupt as the rest of them .

Carwyn couldn't keep the lie going without Derecks cooperation.

This makes his a bigger criminal than Carwyn.

New kid on the block who's seen nothing cos there is nothing blatantly lying.

Well well well Sir Dereck.

Got your back !

Anonymous said...

Was out on the town last night and amazed and encouraged how many people were talking about and know bout the Linda Lewis case.

Also so many pissed off at the antics of this corrupt and useless council.

David Rees name is mud with many people even those that have always know that Hywel Francis has always been a useless shyster not fit for purpose.

Whats the point of politicians or the Welsh Governent?


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Labour Party Masters had better ask their incompetent halfwit council to arrange for a few more fraudulent postal votes to be made up otherwise the young halfwit Kinnock might be in trouble come next years election.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should now retitle Sir Dereck as " Crime Master General For Wales. "

He is prepared to back up Carwyn without having seen the non existing evidence.

Is he Related to Gwenda Thomas by any chance ?


Anonymous said...

Time and time again we hear tell of children being snatched from loving parents by despicable social workers, desperate to meet targets and make bonuses, and thrown into the corrupt and secretive world of the UK’s family courts system.

Meat for pedo politicians

Anonymous said...

Deckchairs being kicked over..on the Titanic AKA Welsh Assembly Government and Council.

Both are finished and so is David Rees AM

Anonymous said...

“I can see no place for me or any of my family any longer in a Labour party that behaves like this.”

No more

Anonymous said...

Britain is fast becoming a Banana state where there is no real law and order or justice and where defending your children is a crime, even against the paedophile politicians who do everything in the dark.

Confronting these paedophile politicians and perverts is a necessary undertaking to protect our people and our children.

Anonymous said...

Britain is fast becoming a Banana state where there is no real law and order or justice and where defending your children is a crime, even against the paedophile politicians who do everything in the dark.

Confronting these paedophile politicians and perverts is a necessary undertaking to protect our people and our children.

Daryl said...


Over the years we have seen a growing sense of disengagement from democratic politics. This is very dangerous, as it reduces the strength of the community and opens the door to the likes of UKIP and other extremists. Politicians must therefore listen more and have greater accountability. If selected as the Candidate I will organise local open meetings to give reports and hear concerns.

Taken from Steven Kinnocks website what a joke.

UKIP extremist ?

The most extremist bunch are the paedophile supporting Labour Party who's support of child abuse is mandatory.

What a twat.

God help Aberavon if he gets in.

Anonymous said...

Another Labour Council abusing children

Anonymous said...

Another Labour Council abusing children

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone of honour left in the Labour Party ?

See what these perverts have been doing in Rotherham ?

Anonymous said...

The more you dig the more it’s brought home to you that the Wales Government is organised along worryingly discriminatory , corrupt , unaccountable and perverted lines.

All of which makes truth a charade, and exposes the ‘Welsh’ Government to be nothing but a sad bunch of clowns , child stealers and puppets dancing to Carwyns demented tune.

Those in other parties who dream of replacing Labour as ‘the Government’ start asking questions about Linda Lewis case and you will see a deliberate cover up that will keep certain current Labour Party Ministers still in office and sadly out of jail where they belong.

Not in my name do they govern me.

Anonymous said...

See the establishment are determined to protect their own.

Rotherham child abuse scandal: 'No implication' for South Wales Police deputy chief constable



Jenny said...

No matter how hard they try the crimes committed Linda cannot stay hidden for ever.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt and disgraced and heading for a massive fall all of these perverts.

Thers no excuse for child abuse.

We are governed by perverts and scum.

Sinn Fein

Us Alone

Anonymous said...

About time Neath Port Talbot Council were fired over the Linda Lewis Scandal.

Steel Worker

Anonymous said...

All Roads Lead To Carwyn Jones

Unknown said...

I am not trying to say that all parties other than Labour are spotless as they all have their faults, but where all the major scandals of child abuse including places such as Rotherham, Leeds (Jimmy Savile), North Wales, paedophiles in government including the suicides in Bridgend and the scandal surrounding Linda Lewis in Neath Port Talbot, they all seem to have taken place in Labour strongholds where those responsible don't seem to care about the most vulnerable in our society.

I used to vote Labour but since Tony Blair and Carwyn Jones haven't acknowledges my concerns over child abuse generally as well as the historic child abuse I suffered in the Bridgend area in the early 1970s (which was Labour) I will never trust labour again.

Here is a statement of what I think of Labour - think of it as a string of acronyms and take the first letter of each word. You'll see what I think of one's like Tony Blair, Carwyn Jones as well as many others in Labour including Harriet Harman who is a man hater:

Failures Under Conditions Known In National Government
Lowering Achievement Because Of Useless Regulations
Wastefulness And Not Knowledgeable Enough Really Shows
And No Doubt
Bureaucrats Are Such Their Arrogance Really Does Stink

I hope you like it.

John R Jones, Warton, Preston, Lancashire‎

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 17 August 2014 at 14:07: I too have attempted to complain about Carms SS. It appears that they can state black is white/white is black, the sky is green and the grass is blue AND there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Absolutely above the law. My partner and I found that finding a local solicitor to challenge the LA is virtually impossible - there are two kinds:those who will not touch the LA - like they would be putting their hands in a fire - and those who collaborate with the LA.
In our case, the fictional picture/fantastical claims made by Carms SS could be disputed with evidence, and we presented samples of that evidence to: The LA, The Ombudsman, local childrens safety board, CSSIW... the WAG. Pretty much every regulatory body we could think of, to challenge what was utter out-and-out misconduct. The only conclusion I can reach after this experience is THAT THEY ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER.

Anonymous said...

Historic child abuse... a cover up maybe? And yet Carms SS are still utterly unaccountable?!!

george said...

Something sinister and sad about this case ; john morris;s Involve in this case as yet to come to light keep going ; and you will get justice. You can't hide the truth