Wednesday 30 July 2014

UK Column Live Interview 30th July 2014

Interview starts 5 minutes 30 seconds in and runs for 20 minutes.

Protected Paedophile assaults boy in Glyncorrwg. Police don't act. Paedophile moved onto next village. Local press not interested.

5 Glyncorrwg locals lose 10 children/grandchildren to corrupt Neath Port Talbot Social Services.

51 Paedophiles arrested in South Wales including Foster Carer and Social Services Manager.

Labour controlled Welsh Assembly Government totally corrupt and not fit for purpose. 

The " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " is a victim of a  deliberate organised criminal cover up by the Labour Party to protect the " Old Boys Network."

Peoples Common Law Court soon to be established in South Wales. Sheriffs and Peace Officers already appointed. Citizens Arrests of state protected criminals will happen.

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Marva said...

I am so happy to hear that this is coming to an end at last.I hope Linda's daughter and all those stolen are home soon.Nothing worse than losing your children and having them abused.

Ronnie said...


Fair play Kev you've got it spot on again.

The Labour Party IS a paedophile party !

Sue said...

hi kevin

all these government groups are corrupt and they all cover each other.

i've a court case at the moment in HIGH COURT AND SUPREME COURT:

look the cases up: 2014 44 JR and 2014 55 JR

Anonymous said...

The abuse of Linda's daughter has the same impact in Wales as the Jimmy Saville cover up.

All those that know about it are covering it up but they know that we know who they are and what they have done to N and Linda.

They have nowhere to hide so please arrest them under common law.

They are more than scum , child abusers , sickos , paedophiles and perverts who need to be eradicated from society for good.

We all know who thy are and we know whos protecting them.

Let justice prevail

Unknown said...

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Authority have lost my medical notes which point to institutional abuse and maltreatment when I was a child, the Information Commission Officer will be giving them a slap on their wrist for losing my notes which is nothing like what they deserve.

As this is historic child abuse and therefore a crime it has no time limits and I am trying to get justice by whatever means. As this all happened in the Bridgend area and unsolved then Carwyn Jones is ultimately responsible but never answers my correspondence.

My only hope now is another route towards the Criminal Injuries Board but if it is not reported within two years it gets ignored. I tried to speak out at the time it happened but those in authority would not listen or believe me. They are trying to use ever possible route to stop me but every time it appears to be a failure on my side I have proof it was down to action on their side such as not being listened to when I reported it which was the same year it happened.

We hear of ones like Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris who committed these abuses may years ago more than two, so if these which were committed in the 1960s can be investigated then why can’t mine which started in 1973?

Carwyn Jones, his cronies and all those involved in the covering up of what went on don’t want me to get justice so they must all be paedos of some kind as well or have some connection with other paedos to be so supportive of them and neglecting the victims of their abuse.
They are only in these roles for themselves and to protect their friends who are also abusers.

What have they got to hide regarding my claim if they are innocent? They must have a lot to hide doing what they are doing to me and I intend getting the truth out of the bag which they are trying desperately to keep it under cover.

My local MP Mark Menzies for Fylde is ignoring my correspondence too, so it suggests conspiracies by central government are going on quite widespread.

As they aren’t prepared to help a genuine victim they must be pervs just like what we have heard about with the missing files from Westminster. There are too many pervs anywhere in government.

Wayne Morris said...

This won't last much longer. Sooner rather than later these scumbags will be caught.

Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones deserves identical treatment to that of Saddam Hussain and it cannot happen quick enough

To be done for the children.

Anonymous said...

Prince Philip's ex-aide accused of three sex attacks on girl aged 12 while he was working for Royal Family

Seem like they are all at it !

Jeff said...

The laws of God and man both give the party an opportunity to make his defence, if
he has any …. Even God himself did not pass sentence upon Adam before he was
called upon to make his defence.

It's a shame the muppets who inhabit the cesspit called the WAG don't realise this.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Wales - the land of human exploitation, trafficking and children's sexploitation.
Enter that bridge crossing at your peril. Paedos at large.
Beware of Welsh Government Assembly Perverts and Welsh MPs that trawl the Principality to steal your children.
Don't bring your children to Wales.
Our own children are not safe.
Further dangers this week!!!
Beware also if you venture at risk into Wales next week. Its National Eisteddfod Week in the paedophile playground of West Wales. Beware of paedophile Freemasons amock on the Eisteddfod Field.
Masons have a major influence on this year's National Eisteddfod.
Masons are even sponsoring events there.
Afterall it is a perfect hunting ground for the men that wear "pretty aprons and white gloves" on child baiting missions.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones is deliberately misleading the people of Wales by stating that the Welsh Assembly Government is satisfied that in kidnapping Linda's daughter they have done no wrong.

Yet he refuses to look at the false suicide letter and will not produce evidence to show how he reached his conclusion.

Carwyn Jones career as a politician is about to end and his position as a convicted criminal is about to begin.

Carwyn Jones is a pathological liar and a functioning psychopath.

He is deliberately lying to the people of Wales , has been completely caught out and needs to be arrested.

God bless the souls of the "Bridgend Suicide Children " who's policies Carwyn Jones helped on their way with mind manipulation through his own government and the Welsh Theatre .

This man is nothing short of a monster.

Anonymous said...

This case happened on the doorstep of the Childrens Commissioner for Wales as did the Aaron Gilbert case. As have many others that never made the press/media.

It is the bureaucrat protecting the bureaucrat [and their respective state funded gold plated pensions]

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview.

Carwyn Jones is on borrowed time .

His government is a joke.

Keep going you'll get there.

Ian said...

Hi Kevin

Can you tell me how I get involved with the Common Law being set up in South Wales ?

Kevin Edwards said...

Hi Ian

Their website is

and you can watch a video at



Donna said...

How long will it be before they give up and admit their crime.

The constant lie that everything was done above board is a joke.

Keep going we'll get there

Donna said...

How long will it be before they give up and admit their crime.

The constant lie that everything was done above board is a joke.

Keep going we'll get there

Anonymous said...

The house of Carwyn will come crumbling down.

In the interests of truth and justice it needs to fall, for all our sakes.

A corrupt cabal of ignoramuses being laughed at by those of us who know the truth.

How dare he continue to deny what his government have done to Linda and her daughter.

Carwyn Jones corrupt and rotten to the core.

A political joke.

Anonymous said...

What's happening in the Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign Hope Linda is well.


Anonymous said...

Anyone notice how the UK govt is not condemming the attacks on Gaza.
Might have something to do with all the kiddie snuff movies mossad has of top officials. Blackmail all the way.