Wednesday 26 March 2014

" Useless And Corrupt,The EU Court Of Kinnock. " Arise The New Prince Of Denmark.

Very good edition of the UK Column yesterday and a particularly interesting description of Aberavon Labour Party's decision to appoint Stephen Kinnock as their new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

A true Globalist and advocate of the New World Order with links to the corrupt banking elite through his former position in the " World Economic Forum."

Just what the working class voters in Aberavon need. I think not.

The article starts 6 minutes 50 seconds in and I would encourage all readers of this blogspot to watch with interest and forward onto as many of your contacts as possible.

You just couldn't make it up.

So is this a Shakespearean Comedy or Tragedy being played out on the people of Aberavon ?

Make your own minds up.

" Arise The New Prince Of Denmark."


Anonymous said...

Neil Kinnock attempts to justify the private education of his daughter

Stephen in picture

Anonymous said...

Jobs for the boys ..

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mr Kinnock will bother doing anything for Linda as he has already stated in the post that he has wonderful councillors around him in NPT.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comment on Kevin John's phone in programme this morning.
[quote] I can't understand why officials and cabinet members of NPTCBC not been arrested [unquote]

Why is that said Kevin John?

[quote] Over the £20m lost in Iceland and the Jersey Marine fire. We the taxpayers have to foot the bill for that [unquote]

So could this be a start of change against NPTCBC as Council Tax in the Authority is higher than other neighbouring Authorities to fund criminals. So are residents of NPTCBC not committing a crime if they knowingly fund criminals in public office?