Wednesday 2 October 2013

Orion Talk Radio Interview 1/10/2013

Last night I did a brief 22 minute interview on Orion Talk Radio "The Earth Needs Rebels Show" with Kevin Bull.

To listen to the interview click HERE .

Then go to "The Earth Needs Rebels archive list where you can either listen to or download the interview at 01 OCT 13 Tue time 01:05 PM


Anonymous said...

Great Kevin the more exposure this case get's the better.

Anonymous said...

Rolling Rolling Rolling lol

Superb Stuff

Anonymous said...

Perfect it;s about time the press printed on the case.
Not only the press in this Country This should go international


Paul said...

Well Done Kevin

This grubby,self serving, pathetic corrupt excuse for a Council needs to be shut down.

Public opinion in PT is all on Linda's side everyone knows about this now.

This lot are in terminal decline and need jailing.

NPT has always been known as a corrupt and immoral farce of an organisation never more so now.

Keep going

Anonymous said...

How long now can this be covered up for?