Friday 12 April 2013

If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next - Another Child Stolen.

Please watch all of this, and then act.

Many people will find this video disturbing and may feel they cannot watch it to the end.

But if you don't watch it you have become part of the problem of a society denying the reality of what is happening on a daily basis.

They took this baby on the grounds of "possible future emotional harm" because of the mother's learning difficulties.

The parents are good people, who have done nothing to cause harm to anyone. 

No Child Is Safe Any Longer.


Anonymous said...

I am afraid that it looks like this video has been removed on the instigation of asocial Services.. I have seen the video and I am shocked and ashamed. Thank you for trying to bring this case to everybody's attention

Kevin Edwards said...

1640 Saturday 13 April still seems to be workinf

larryK said...

Yes the vid is working. Neath are now using Judge Mostyn (see daily mail) to do their dirty work behind closed doors-how apt!

Keep it up Kev-we are!

Larry and Sue-the Riggs/Mason Case

LarryK said...

Just read a book called 'mummy doesn't love you' an in it it had a true story about social workers-good ones!
How and when did we allow our social services to lose their way?Who actually sanctions their actions to take children with no investigation or record of abuse. Easy job-just find a target-vulnerable single parent and off you go. Social Services appear non accountable for their actions and as we know self policing is no policing at all.They commit perjury on a daily basis and no one stops them yet WE are accountable to the court system.

Larry K-Riggs Mason Case