Friday 15 March 2013

Neath Port Talbot Social Services Exposed..The Kidnapping Of Bonnie Lewis.. UK Column Live Interview


Anonymous said...

Excellent work Kevin and a brave man.


Anonymous said...

A Brilliant exposure by both yourself and Brian.

I have known about this case for many years and will continue to support you in any way that I can behind the scenes.

Keep Going

Jenny Ross said...

I am beginning to feel that this case could now well be over.

They have no where left to go and no where left to hide.

Well Done

Anonymous said...

10 out of 10, Kevin. A very professional interview. I recall you maintaining that if Brian focused on this case then the rest would fall like a pack of cards. Let's hope and wait and see.

You're an inspiration, Kevin, keep up the fight.

Best, rebel rick

Anonymous said...

Well done Kev. Look forward to seeing you on there again mate.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Brilliant

Keep Up The Good Work

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I (and I bet others) would like to see you as a regular correspondent from Wales on UK column. Please run this by Brian


Rebel rick

Margaret Jones said...

This is the most awful case of abuse by the criminals who work for Social Services.

You deserve a lot of credit for pushing this forward relentlessly and exposing them for exactly what they are. Satanic Scum.

God Bless your efforts and God Bless the child and the family.

One day soon you will get there.

You all have my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I have just watched the video and to say that I am heart broken is an understatement.

I have emailed it onto a lot of my family and friends one of them has been a victim of NPT SS and is still suffering as a result of their deception.

These people are sick bastards who should eventually be hung.

The systematic abuse of children is the lowest form of humanity.

NPT SS are the lowest form of humanity.

Thanks for all you are doing and the next time that you see Linda please tell her that many of us are right behind her and yourself.

All The Best


Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgraceful.

What sort of people are we dealing with here ?

Congratulations on bringing this out into the open

Anonymous said...

This needs to be sorted out without delay.

I am disgusted by everything that I have just seen.

My sympathies all round.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely shocking and unbelievable,needs more sharing and coverage.

Wayne Peters said...

Thank goodness we have people like you and the UK Column to highlight these things!

Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

Good work on exposing Neath and Port Talbot SS the bad news is its still happening Neath & Port Talbot just kidnapped my grandson and have had him Adopted already just because I caught them out with there lies ,corrupt guardians and mostly the incompetence and failure to protect the child's social workers of (Neath and Port Talbot) who mysteriously has now disappeared even though they said in court that he would stay with my grandson to the end ( to give him some security )

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt in my mind that Neath Port Talbot Council and their Social Services Department are a criminal organisation that needs investigating from top too bottom.

Anonymous said...

An absolutely horrendous story I hope you get the justice that the family deserves soon.

Paul said...

The evidence is out there for all to see,I hope and pray Linda will get justice soon.

Well done Kevin excellent work

Anonymous said...

The Australian Government have apologised for stealing babies.
Why can't Neath Port Talbot Council.

Anonymous said...

This is a really cowardly criminal act by people who are supposed to represent us not persecute us.

Justice will need to be done as far a this case goes and I am sure that one day it certainly will.

The evidence speaks for itself.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say you have done excellent work in exposing the Linda Lewis case.

The evidence you presented cannot be disputed.and the people involved in this cover-up have no! where to hide.

Well done JG

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why? people in power "authority", have done nothing to help this poor child and family.

Children should be protected not abused in this way.

One can only admire the courage you have in helping the family concerned.

Anonymous said...

Surely,surely,surely they cannot keep denying this any longer ?

Anonymous said...

What type of people are we dealing with that allows this form of abuse on innocent children.

Surely someone in government will help.


Anonymous said...

Kidnapping conspiracy, medical abuse, heartbreaking letters.
nobody made accountable.



Anonymous said...

Great Work, Kevin. Its great to see such clear and active work exposing these satanic criminals. I'm working on a similar case (different details - different county - same criminals)and am looking to form alliances. I already work with some of the lien people around, and have some interesting ideas to share. Can we communicate?

Yours in the cause