Thursday 1 December 2011


Fellow patriot,

Everyone has watched in amazement as the drama of the young, white, English mother, Emma West - now dubbed by the press as the ‘Racist Tram Lady’ - has unfolded into major media frenzy of ‘Brit bashing’.

What she said on that tram was harsh, coarse and very unladylike, no doubt about that, but what abuse had she been subjected to before the camera phone was switched on?

She should never have been flung in prison for mouthing off!

How many rioters have been released on bail recently?

How many murders, burglars and violent criminals have been released on early parole recently?

How many foreign criminals (including paedophiles and sex attackers) have been released recently because we can’t deport them?

We must also remember that Emma West is an English woman who recently watched her area, Croydon, being burned and looted by ethnic gangs a few months ago.

Is it any wonder she now resents those from the same ethnic background who caused so much destruction, pain and hardship to her area?

Many people in Croydon have been deeply disturbed by the riots and hundreds have received Post-Traumatic-Stress counselling - has Emma?

Locking this feisty English working class mother up in jail only reinforces the suspicion that if you are British, and working class, then you are a second class citizen in your own country.

This kind of frustration exhibits itself all over our country on a daily basis by native British people who are fed up of watching their country being colonised, bled dry and destroyed by people we never asked to come here in the first place.

The ‘multicultural experiment’ is not fair on anyone and needs careful addressing, not draconian penalties imposed on the victims who, after years of suffering, finally snap.

Emma West is a British VICTIM of the political elite’s forced mass immigration/colonisation policy.

Is it any surprise that some of our people simply will not take it anymore?

The political elite should take note: many long-suffering Brits don’t act like Emma but many are seething with resentment and while the elite can easily squash one poor English women’s act of desperation, they may struggle to deal with a nation of inflamed patriots who will do far more than spout a few choice words on a tram!

Locking up a mother in prison without bail because of something she said (and that no one, except the Transport Police, complained about, after seeing the video on You-Tube) brings shame on our nation, especially when we treat all manner of other criminals (including violent criminals) with kid gloves.

It also shows that being British, white, poor and female makes you an easy target for the PC fanatics. Well I say: NO MORE!

We want YOU to complain directly to the Home Secretary, right NOW!

We demand her immediate release from prison and an assurance of her personal safety while she remains in custody.

Lock up the rioters who destroyed Croydon, or the bankers who have destroyed our economy, or the politicians who have flooded this country with foreigners, not English working class mothers!

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