Thursday 21 July 2011

We go from strength to strength worldwide.

Today's stats are not unusual.
United Kingdom
United States
Hong Kong

What is interesting and it has been for a while now is that between  12% and 20% of the hits that we are now getting are coming from the USA.

This is not an accident.

A lot of good people are working on our behalf across the pond where the kidnapping took place.  

Our thanks go to Councillor Jeff Green of the Christian Party of Wales for his efforts in raising the profile of this "tragic miscarriage of justice" not just through strong Christian Groups and trustworthy contacts in the UK and America but also worldwide.

As I have said previously "Justice 4 Linda Lewis " is a worldwide campaign as today's stats clearly prove.

Thanks everyone for your support,encouragement and comments. 

Together we can.Together we will.



Tina said...

And it will get stronger.

Anonymous said...

Keep going it can only come out let's hope it's soon for everyones sake.

Anonymous said...

This is an dreadful example of how elected represntatives abuse their power.

Don't let it go.

Stick in there it has to come out.


Anonymous said...

Councillor Edwards thank you for your kind words and thank you for standing up for the honest and decent people in the community! There should be more people like yourself who will speak up and the community stand behind them and bring the so called nu labour committee to reality they are untouchable and they enrol social services with them and ruin the families of Neath Port Talbot

Good luck my friend and hope the good Christian people will help you bring justice to the corrupt people involved and I send love to everyone involved

Sheila, Tonmawr